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The Greater Iowa Scholarship Bowling Tour


 Effectively October 2019, a $3 fee will be charged to all walk-in entries. 

    We welcome every single competitor to our tournament, however, over the past several seasons, fewer and fewer bowlers are pre-paying, and that makes our tournament set up that much more difficult. 
   We want to encourage bowlers to mail a check or money order or cash to guarantee their spot in the tournament.  Or, they can pay cash to me or to Brooke Flannagan in person at any time.  We do not cash checks until after each tournament, and if for some reason you can’t make it, simply call or email or text us, and we will carry your entry over to the next month’s event.  NO PLAYER HAS EVER FORFEITED THEIR ENTRY.
   In the event you can’t pay your entry ahead of time, you can walk in provided there are spots left in the tournament.
   We thank every tour member for their cooperation, and if you have any questions, email Eric Littig at littig1@mchsi.com.

Paid List  (We will publish when more than 20 bowlers have pre-paid)