IMPORTANT NOTE - if you were age-eligible to compete at this past season's April and May events which were cancelled, we will be allowing you to compete at our August event ONLY.  This is a 1-time offer, so that those bowlers who turned 23 prior to August 1, they can bowl in a final GISBT event.  For these bowlers, since you will only be competing in 1 event, the $20 season membership will be waived.  If you turned 23, and are planning to bowl our season opener, please notify Eric by email so a congratulatory certificate can be prepared for you.  This will ONLY be available to past tour members.

2020-21 GISBT Schedule and Tournament Rules

    There will be NO exceptions to the dress code. There are no jeans or shorts of any type permitted during our event competition. T-shirts are also not permitted. Bowlers must have a collared or mock polo shirt and dress pants or khakis during competition. Girls are allowed to wear dress shorts or skirt, provided the length is appropriate. All apparel is subject to tournament director’s discretion; in other words – if it’s questionable, don’t wear it. In recent months, there have been some examples of questionable attire by some of our girl’s competitors.  In the future, if you think your skirt is too short or too tight – do not wear it.  And just in case you may want to have an extra set of clothes.  If we see skirts that show WAY too much skin, it will NOT be allowed.  So if you think it might be too short – it probably is.  Please be aware of this! If you want to compete, dress appropriately. Again; there will be NO exceptions.

Junior Gold Qualifying at Each Sunday Event in 2020-2021
    The Junior Gold National Championships is an annual national tournament for the top male and female youth bowlers in the United States. The tournament awards scholarships and youth bowlers competing also have the opportunity to earn a spot on Junior Team USA. 
    Each month, the GISBT wants to conduct Junior Gold qualifying. Entry fee is $50 per qualifier, collected the morning of our monthly tournament, with the top boy and top girl in each qualifier advancing to the 2021 Junior Gold National Championships Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
    The top boy and girl will have their $200 entry fee forwarded to USBC for entry into the national tournament. Our Junior Gold qualifying will be based on 8-game qualifying score ONLY. To enter qualifying, a bowler must be a USBC Junior Gold member, or pay their Junior Gold membership fee the day of qualifying to be eligible.
    There must be sufficient entries in both the Boys and Girls youth groups to conduct our qualifying. Not all GISBT competitors are eligible because of Junior Gold age restrictions. Bowlers interested in attempting to qualify should email Eric at least one week in advance. If there are not enough emails received, there will not be a Junior Gold qualifying for the event, since spots must be purchased in advance.

The Greater Iowa Scholarship Bowling Tour

FOR SPECTATORS - at this time, we are highly encouraging masks to be worn by all spectators.  

    Please keep in mind that in order to be eligible to participate in the season-ending Tournament of Champions, you must participate in at least 5 of the 9 regular-season events (August through April), and be among the top 12 girls or top 24 boys in the year-end point standings. The more events you bowl, the more points you accumulate. Be sure you bowl the required number of tournaments so you don’t miss out on the chance to bowl the prestigious year-end Tournament of Champions. 

"Where bowlers become players, players develop friendships, friendships create memories, and where players become CHAMPIONS!"

Our Cancellation Policy (updated 7/3/14)
    Cancellations must be TELEPHONED in to Eric Littig at 563-271-2967 by 5 pm the Friday before the tournament. Cancellations received after that will lose their entry fee unless in the unlikely event of an emergency. A courtesy email prior to the Wednesday before the tournament is ok, but it is very important that you call him directly in the event a cancellation is necessary. While we realize that sometimes circumstances prevent a bowler from competing, please be courteous of other tour members. Sometimes, a last minute cancellation prevents another bowler from attending.
     All cancellations and no-shows will be recorded. If a player cancels or fails to show twice in one season, it may affect their playing privileges for the remainder of the season. Please, if you know you are not going to be able to bowl, contact Eric as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

If you do cancel before the Friday 5 pm deadline, checks on file will be destroyed, and a new check must be submitted to reserve a spot in the next month’s field.

DateBowling CenterAddressMax Entries
8/30/2020May City Bowl1648 Trent Street SW,
Cedar Rapids, IA







5/##/2129th Annual Tournament of Champions -
Leisure Lanes